85% of web traffic on the tablet is the iPad - Apple claims the power

85% of web traffic on the tablet is the iPad - Apple claims the power
Apple continues to dominate the tablet market and that the world is more and more solid basis when Statcounter recent data show that 85.7% of web traffic on the tablet of the iPad (down 2, 2% compared to November last year). With similar statistics, the tablet running Android will be 13% (2.9%), BlackBerry OS is up 0.97% and 0.32% WebOS. Some other information: This statistic is based on traffic at more than 3 million Web sites. iPad ratio of over 90% in the following countries: UK (93.1%), Australia (93.2%), Ireland (90.2%), New Zealand (90.6%), Sweden (91, 2%), Norway (92.7%), Denmark (95.0%), Iceland (93.6%), Switzerland (91.7%). In the United States, accounting for 88.4% market iOS tablets, 10.3% Android, BlackBerry OS WebOS 0.8% and 0.4% only. Android highest rate achieved when compared to the IOS located in other countries: Thailand (IOS 76.5%, Android 23.5%), Taiwan (IOS 79.2%, 20.8% Android), Saudi Arabia (IOS 75.3%, Android 24.3%), Brazil (IOS 79.8%, Android 20.2%), Argentina (IOS 72.4%, Android 25.0%), Poland (IOS 77.0%, 23.0% Android), South Africa (IOS 74.5%, Android 25.1%) and Russia (IOS 77.8%, 22.2% Android). In particular, accounting for 89.9% iPad tablet PC market in China. Significant progress on the revenue side of the industry led iPad tablet become a focus of the company to telecommunications equipment leading. Competitive market share battle promises to be increasingly attractive as the tablet Nexus 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT officially launched. But according to analysts, the dominance of the iPad and will remain on a firm if they iPad Mini launched in autumn this year as rumored before.   * Note: The numbers on just visit the website of the rate tables of computer operating systems. Not related to sales statistics.   Source: Thenextweb, Pingdom, Statcounter


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