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How Google Chrome beats the Web browser competition

Google Chrome's bounce in Web Browser market share indicates much more than just a successful ad campaign. In a market where users vote with their feet (and cursors), as many as one in five computer users now rely on a Web browser that only comes standard on a handful of Google-branded notebooks.

According to reports from tracking company StatCounter, ad network Chitika and online publisher ArsTechnica, Internet Explorer has lost as many as 11 percentage points over the past year. Internet Explorer commands just over half of the desktop browser market, with Firefox at 20 percent and Apple's Safari at over 5 percent. Opera and a handful of alternative browsers control the remaining 2 percent.

 If you interpret those numbers as a flight to quality, Chrome has earned its reputation as the best Web browser on today's market. However, its competitors keep innovating, leaving plenty of consumer choice for casual Web surfers and heavy users alike.

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