Facebook IPO's Stock and Shares Positive and Negative Trading Review

Today we are going to Review Positive and Negative Shares and Stock Trading of Facebook. After the launched of Facebook Initial Public Offering (IPO) Shares and Stock Trading starts at NASDAQ, everyone’s was excited to see the Facebook Inc. "FB" symbol in stock market and it was a good start of Facebook IPO at Friday when shares was introduced with the lower price tag of between $35 to $45 but after that we have seen many ups and downs of Facebook stock and shares in stock market of NASDAQ and many stock experts and writers are claiming its because of bad and faulty dealing of Facebook stock trades during Friday's time period last week because of which the real trading losses could be as much as $100 million for trades made by retail and institutional investors that’s why NASDAQ will pay up to $13 million to cover bad or faulty Facebook stock trades according to The Wall Street Journal reports.

Facebook IPO's Stock and Shares

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